Mercy Ministry

The Mercy Ministry Committee exists to steward the financial resources designated for helping those in need of assistance and to promote acts of mercy among our congregation.  Our first priority is to our members. It is our goal to confidentially consider every request made by or on behalf of our church members. Members are encouraged to make their request known by contacting

After assisting our members, remaining resources are available to help those outside our congregation living in Dayton and Rhea County, whether it is by directly aiding those who come to us, or providing support to partners in the community that are directly providing services to those in need.



We have the privilege to partner with the following programs. You can find out more information about each ministry via their websites. 

- Blazing Hope Ranch - Aims to restore wholeness to female survivors of human trafficking and weaken the sex trade through the power of Christ

- The Care Center - Provides guidance, pregnancy testing, and limited medical services to expectant families who request assistance.  

- Recovery at Dayton - Helps people find freedom from addiction, grief, pain and loss via a Christ-centered, 12 Step approach to lasting wholeness.

- We Care - Provides community assistance and charity in Rhea County. 

- Sixty Feet - Works with African government officials to provide assistant, help, and rehabilitation to troubled and/or impoverished Africanyouth. 


Outreach & Missions

Every day we are called to represent Christ as we seek to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. By God’s grace and for His glory we want to impact our community and the world by raising up members who are transformed by the Gospel and serving others.

As the Gospel transforms us and as we begin to see how God has provided for us — a needy and sinful people — we are motivated by grace to love the community in which He has placed us and the world in which we live.